The Candikkat Collection – A Sugary Twist to the Har.Yarn.V Vibe

No matter what your age, the eye-popping colours of candies are bound to catch your sight no matter where you go. Especially when you are browsing through duty-free stores on travels around the world, you are bound to get tempted to indulge in a treat or two in the name of taking back some sugar love for your friends and family back home.

Fashion Right out of a Candy Store!

Inspired by this exact childlike emotion that exists in each one of us, Har.Yarn.V’s latest collection comes in a psychedelic range of hues such as green, yellow, pink, orange and red. The Candikkat Collection are true representative of the bright colours one commonly finds in candy stores around the world.

Designed for the Bubbly Girl in You!

Designed for the quintessential bubbly girl who lights up any room through her positivity, the collection is a colourful one perfect for the Indian springs and summers. The collection is designed for the peppy girl who loves to talk, make new friends and is always surrounded by people listening to her chatter in anticipation of her next witty remark.

Complete with gilets, shirt dresses, capes, tie tops and tunic dresses, the collection offers a unique twist to the atypical Har.Yarn.V vibe.

Shop Candikkat Collection HERE!!

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