HARYARNV's Indian Summer Hues with The Summer Mood board Collection

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Among the many exciting things you get to do as a designer, is to seek inspiration everywhere you go. That said, some designers don’t even need to cross oceans to find their next muse. HarYarnV brings to you its next collection inspired by the soothing hues of summer, The Summer Mood Board.

Inspired by his balcony garden and the clear blue sky in the backdrop, designer Kanishk Bhardwaj is releasing is next collection of loose, comfortable wear for men, women and children playing with the versatile linen as its fabric.

Communing with Nature this Summer

“Spending this time connecting with nature and the plants in his balcony, having the birds chirp in the backdrop while they soar off into the blue skies, his connection with this sacred space is well established in his new collection – The Summer Mood Board.”

The Collection

Designed for the fashion forward men and women, this loose and comfortable collection in white linen comes with short and maxi dresses, long shirts, drop shoulders, shapes on hems, fascinatingly placed pockets, pleats and tassels. Choose from innovative dungaree designs in Ikat print on cotton and linen or for a more traditional look, browse the new saree collection that is perfect for the hot Indian summer. With a collection for kids aged 3 to 10 years, you can now dress up the little ones in cool, comfortable wear allowing them to adorn chic silhouettes that are also ideal for play.

Choose pieces created in soothing colours such as beige, cream, white and sky blue, embellished applique detailing and embroidery. With angarkha cuts and more, this collection has a lot to offer.

The Summer Mood Board is a manifestation of the designer’s personal connection with nature and is created with a lot of love and passion. The innovative cuts, use of hues and fabric effectively showcases this personal touch in this high-fashion, yet practical collection.

Stay Tuned and keep shopping!

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