HAR.YARN.V at Summer Weaves, Dastkar ’16

After the successful participation in the Dastkar Design Fair in January 2016, where we exhibited an exquisite IKAT collection of Apparel and HYV Homes, HAR.YARN.V came back with a fresh new range of gorgeous weaves and more, at Dastkar’s Summer Weaves.

Exploring our Kalamakari Collection

Held between April 14th and April 25th 2016, at Nature Bazaar, AndheriaModh, Chhatarpur, New Delhi, the event is organized to promote ancient Indian crafts and craftspeople. This time around, we exhibited our unique collection of Kalamkari works.

Going back to the Roots

Whether you are looking for exquisite hand block-printed cushion covers, dupattas, sarees or more, our collection on displayed, would take you back to the roots of Kalamkari artisans of Andhra Pradesh, where the Machilipatnam style of Kalamkari took birth. With exquisite motifs of mother nature, printed on high quality cotton every apparel or home décor product on display is designed with keen understanding of the rich tradition of Kalamkari work.

HAR.YARN.V has successfully drawn insightful inspirations from ethnic India to deliver high quality contemporary apparel and home décor items.

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