Featuring This Season, IKKATZAADE Season 2!

Ikat has been one of the trendiest ancient finds and even today textiles across the globe lend their bohemian vibe with it. Traditional textiles as beautiful as this take their own distinguished processes that result in the unique blend of geometry and colors as the Ikat.


Instead of the designs being painted or stamped on the cloth, when making Ikat, the individual threads are dyed before they are woven. These threads are then coated with wax in areas where the dye should not seep in before being immersed in color. The more intricrate the work, the tougher it gets to color and weave. This is because the entire fabric is dependent on the weaver getting the order of the threads right./


The new HAR.YARN.V collection is an ode to the traditional stitching style of Bengali women, “Kantha”. While this form of embroidery is popular for soft clothes, it has been traditionally used by rural women since ages for all kinds of articles. The wrinkled and wavy effect of the weave combined with the stunning modern cuts of HAR.YARN.V make it one of most awaited collections in the store. A contemporary weave blended with the summertime shades of soft yellows, subdued pastels and mellow turquoises ensures that the wide range of clients the store caters too are amazed.


The main inspiration behind the brand’s pieces has been the sense of responsibility towards social upliftment. To keep the traditional weaves alive while providing traditional artisans a chance to provide their creations to demanding clientele makes it the perfect balance. While the anesthetic logic puzzle it is to create Ikat fabrics, HAR.YARN.V’s love for the weaves, dyes and calculations for precision weaving have been the driving force behind the collection.

Stop by our upcoming exhibition Pause for a Cause: Monsoon Verve, between the 12th and the 14th of July, 2016 (11:00 am to 7:00 pm at AGA KHAN HALL, 6 Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi) when this collection will be showcased.

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