Celebrate the Goodness of the Indian Handloom Industry with HAR.YARN.V

The handloom industry is an essential part of the Indian civilization and a strong tradition that creates products that are a mix of natural creativity and native dexterity. With more than 2.4 million looms and 7 million skilled artisans working across the country, the Indian handloom sector is one of the largest sources of economic relief to the rural communities in India.


Embedded into the deepest alcoves of rural India is the most sophisticated talent of weaving artisans whom we fail to recognise and reward. It is no secret that the unique skill of these craftsmen is being utilized by international brands and yet the “Made in India” tag has not reached its pinnacle of popularity – thanks to the marketing prowess of the globally-acclaimed brands that are priced beyond value!


Hand woven clothes are comfortable, pure, eco-friendly and a true joy that needs to be embraced. To let this wonderful element of Indian culture be a part of our lives we ought to support the handloom artisans and recognize their hard work by cozying up to the goodness of the natural fabric.

HAR.YARN.V supports Indian weaving artisans by bringing forth with style the rustic goodness of the Indian thread into the urban environment. It features the most exclusive collection of products that combine motley of rich colours with the unique designs and the comfort of natural fabric. Every piece of clothing from the brand is truly a commemoration of India’s oldest and most inspiring industry – the handloom industry!

“Handloom sector is diverse, eco-friendly and is a source of employment for countless weavers, who will be very encouraged by the support.” ~PM Modi

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We are doing our bit, are you? ~Kanishk Bhardwaj

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