Beauty and The Weave

Ikat trend might be ‘so yesterday’ but who doesn’t like old-fashioned? Fashion always repeats itself and it is safe to say that Ikat is here to stay…for good! We aren’t just saying that because our world revolves around it but because it is true (and also because we love it).

We have been screaming ikat day and night but no one asks why. We’re going to tell you anyway…the inspiration behind the love! It all starts with the Pochampally Saree made in Bhoodan Pochampalu, Telangana State, India. These are popular for their traditional geometric patterns in Ikat style of dyeing.

We talked about old-fashioned and what we meant was that Pochampally sarees have been ‘trending’ since early 1800s. And we eat, breathe & sleep Pochampally Ikat because of the uniqueness that lies in the transfer of intricate design and colouring onto warp and weft threads that weaves together to a Tie & Dye textile.

This collection, Ikkatzaade, is very close to our hearts and was the outcome of our love for Pochampally Ikat. The exquisite cuts and fabric give this that edge without sidelining the cultural inspiration behind it.

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