A Pristine Line

When a label, working on a ‘Pay For A Cause’ policy infuses with a ‘Non-Profit’ society, unmatched deeds happen. YES! Such an unmatched deed was made to be possible when HAR.YARN.V joined hands with the NAVJYOTI INDIA FOUNDATION. Where on one hand, HAR.YARN.V procures fabrics and on the other hand NAVJYOTI INDIA FOUNDATION fulfils the noble objective of rehabilitating the ex-convicts through the provisions of education and development of vocational skills, amongst the other purveyance.

NAVJYOTI INDIA FOUNDATION, was conceived by Dr. Kiran Bedi and her team of north district police on January 5, 1988. Since then, they have been making substantial efforts to build up a society, free of crimes, but this not the only problem recognized when it comes to the Indian demographic. People subjected to socio-economic inequalities, being one the most vulnerable strata of the crime landscape, form a major target community for them to manage. NAVJYOTI INDIA FOUNDATION, takes up this challenge as a part of their main aim, which is to try and enable this unprotected set of people towards a goal of self reliance.

So, this time HAR.YARN.V and NAVJYOTI INDIA FOUNDATION presents to you a pristine line of clothing, contributing to the motive of self reliance for these women by teaching them hand embroidery, usage of raw techniques like and etc. The speciality of the garments these brave women worked on was the embroidery on them. No machines, no plastic stencils. Nothing. Just plain leaves plucked from the trees used as stencils to create hand-made embroidery. If that doesn’t blow your mind then we don’t know what will!

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