A Collection of Tribute

Khadi , Ikkat and Cotton, found their origins in India, but after the British invaded our space, they lost their recognition as time passed by. Mahatama Gandhi who very well acknowledged the historical significance of the fabrics, saw the potential that they held to mobilize the people towards the idea of independence. So let’s say he had a hand in bringing what’s lost back to the people of India.


After, what seems like a gazillion years, HAR.YARN.V brings a collection for all of us to savor our treasured possession once again, a tribute to the man who restored the potential in the textile materials.

Make this Gandhi Jayanti special with HAR.YARN.V’s exquisite line of home decor and sarees!


An amalgamation of the three fabrics can give you a taste of sophistication, class and culture. But HAR.YARN.V takes special interest in the quality of the product we have to offer. We design AND weave the ikkat in the fabric through a procurance of the famous Pochampally, preserving the organic essence of the entire collection. Moreover, since the designs are woven and not printed, their motive of authencity also stays in place.

The unique combination of the colors and the designs, we put forward, is enriched with elegance and aristocracy. Come celebrate this Gandhi Jayanti with a collection of tribute bringing upon yourself and your home, the aroma of cultural heritage!

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